Friday, August 7, 2020

Finger points at the West for Beirut explosion



7 August 2020
Nuking Beirut

The para-nuclear "accident" that probably was no accident

By: Karsten Riise

Very probably, it wasn't an accident, when 4 August 2020 no less than 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate shattered all of Lebanon's fragile capital, and through destruction impaired Lebanon's main habor from delivering vital food-imports to Lebanon's unruly, split, manipulated and suffering population.

You might rightly call it a para-nuclear explosion, which detonated in the middle of Beirut. Ammonium nitrate has a standard RE-factor around 0.42  so the explosion flattening Beirut's center must have been in the neighborhood of 1.2 kiloton of TNT. This compares in detonation impact with the US made B54 (SADM) "ruck-sack nuke" for special forces. The  nuclear bomb destroying Nagasaki was only 13 times bigger (15 kiloton). Various small tactical nukes go even way down below 1 kiloton TNT.

Ammonium nitrate (shortened AN) has only two practical uses: (a) Fertilizer (b) Explosives. Mix AN with 6% standard diesel or fuel oil (FO), and AN becomes ANFO, which is a cheap and effective explosive. ANFO is easy and generally safe to handle, and basically simply the most commonly used explosive for mining in all the USA. Ammonium nitrate (AN) has also been one of the most common ingredients for insurgents' house-made "roadside bombs" (called IED's), which are the biggest single cause of death among US and NATO soldiers in their occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and similar places. Enormous explosions from ammonium nitrate have happened before, and the stuff has in all western countries been very effectively removed from uncontrolled reach by ordinary people.

Storing 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate is not something you just hide away discreetely in an unseen corner of a warehouse. One cubic-metre (m3) of this stuff weighs 1.725 tons. The storing of 2,750 tons therefore must have required a space of about 1,600 cubic-meters. To make the dramatic size of this amount of storage-space more visible to the reader: Imagine a 400 meter line of storage of 2 meters in height and 2 meters in depth. Think about it again: 400 meters of highly visible storage - for this explosive stuff only.

The USA and Israel constantly X-ray and monitor all Lebanon including all parts of Beirut for even the smallest weapon storages - including workshops and networks for road-side bomb production, which use raw-materials like ammonium nitrate. There simply exists NO believable possibility, that the USA and Israel should not have been fully and constantly aware of 2,750 tons of this highly explosive material  being stored in central Beirut. Reports are, that Lebanese officials as well as foreign representatives repeatedly informed higher authorities in Beirut and Lebanon about the hazards of this storage. It simply is NOT possible, that Beirut and Lebanon's highest authorities have not been aware of this. 

Above are facts as well as 99% facts.

Based on above, two questions arise.

First question is, WHY this dangerous storage of ammonium nitrate was permitted by Lebanese, US and Israeli authorities to exist in the middle of a 2+ million people metropole for 6 years - from the moment in 2014 it was allegedly "incidentally" was taken from a Russian ship  seeking harbor-aid with motor-problems, and until it exploded yesterday in 2020. There are two possible answers - both of which are very unpleasant. First is the possibility is, that Hezbollah obviously could have had an interest in this as a basic "raw-material" storage for bomb-making,  taking out daily amounts of ammonium nitrate for IED production. The second possibility is perhaps even more unsavoury: That the USA and Israel long-time ago deliberately planted this as a para-nuclear bomb in down-town Beirut - making them able (in a deniable way) to detonate it at any time of their liking. Remember that "coincidentally" a large amount of fireworks were claimed to have been "incidentally" stored at the same location. Interesting. Ammonium nitrate does actually not easily blow up by itself, the way it did. Technically, in order to explode, ammonium nitrate prefers something ELSE to start an enormous fire, or something ELSE as a technical detonation precursor. For instance, in US mining, ammonium nitrate mixed with diesel (ANFO) needs to be started by one (a primary detonator) or better two (also a second, typically dynamite) precursor explosions.

For those of us interested in the truth, it is worthwhile not to rush directly to asking the "who dunnit" question while skipping the first question "why did such  a situation persist, allowing this to happen?" Here we must be critical, because scape-goats will quickly be pointed out from above, only in order to distract public attention from the real facts. 

The answer(s) to the first question may give us a clue to the second question:

When we take it to be the absolutely most likely possibility, that this para-nuclear explosion was no accident, who then, carried it out? Here thorough forensics are indispensable - no matter how technically difficult. And we see here again a mixed picture of possible actors, all of which might at some moment find it politically "handy" to destabilize Lebanon with a "Beirut-version of 9/11": Hezbollah (backed by Iran) might be a possibility. Sunni groups (backed by Saudi Arabia) are also a possibility. And finally, agents controlled by the USA+Israel.

The latter theory of USA+Israel is supported by a strange message from the USA: Suspiciously skipping all need for a complicated forensic investigation, the US Secretary of Defense immediately went right on to his preferred "conclusion", jumping to try make the world-opinion believe that the Beirut para-nuke yesterday was all just "probably an accident" .

UPDATE: In his visit to Beirut, President Macron of France (Lebanon's ex-colonializer) skipping all investigation immediately blamed "incompetent" authorities of Lebanon for the explosion in Beirut. This is exactly along the same lines as US Secretary of Defense, wanting to skip all investigation, whether this was an accident, or an undercover attack from outside.

Western government forces are strongly pushing an agenda of "regime-change" and "color-revolution" on Lebanon. The 5 Aug. explosion in Beirut - including western promises of "aid to Lebanon's people, not their government"  - fits so perfectly their outside agenda, that we must take notice.

A possible perpetrator obviously - possibly from the outside - has the biggest interest to skip all investigation - incl. forensics into how such a mega-fire with precursor explosions could start and set-off this para-nuclear explosion..  

Facts indicate, that the Beirut explosion was not just "an accident waiting to happen" due to local "incompetence" - It was a terrorist kind of "mega-bomb" stored - waiting for somebody to ignite it.

This is still only circumstancial - but it raises serious suspicions against France, the USA and Israel.

Karsten Riise.
Partner & Editor